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Hello and welcome to CityView portal, part of the City of Fort Saskatchewan's online services! You are looking for some help on using our portal. We hope to answer your questions here in a friendly way. If you cannot find your answer, give us a call or email us. The numbers are at the bottom of the page.

I registered but didn't receive my registration email. Now what do I do?

There are a couple of things to check:
  1. First, give it a couple more minutes. Sometimes emails can be delayed for reasons out of our control. You should receive your email within 15 minutes of registering.
  2. Did you spell your email address correctly? Some days aren't good typing days. We get that. Computers are picky about spelling, more than Ms. Henley from 2nd grade!
  3. Next, check your junk folders. We think our emails are important and awesome. However, sometimes they end up in places we didn't intend.
  4. If the two suggestions above didn't help, then give us a call. We will just need your email address and we can activate your account on our side.

I am logged in, where do I find my applications, permits and licenses?

  1. Click the "My Items" link below where your name displays.
  2. Expand each category by clicking the sideways arrow next to the category.
  3. Use the Expand All / Collapse All buttons to view or hide applications for all categories .

Your Portal account must be associated as a contact on the permit or license to see it on the Cityview Portal. If you are not seeing your items as expected please contact the respective department below to have your portal account assocaited with the application, permit or license.

How do I renew my Animal Licenses?

Animal Licence Renewals require your email to be added to your pet license PRIOR to renewing online.
  1. Contact 780-992-6280 or to update your pets with your current email address.
  2. Create your Portal account (download pdf instructions)
  3. Login to complete the renewal and pay fees for your Animal Licence(s) (download pdf instructions)

  4. Quick instructions - click here then expand "Renew an Animal License" section
` top

How do I renew my Business Licence?

Business Licence Renewals require a Portal account using the same email you have on your license with the City. Please contact 780-992-6200 or if you are unsure or need to change the email address.
  1. Locate your business license number on your renewal invoice or email
  2. Create your Portal account linked to your business license (download pdf instructions)
  3. Login to complete the renewal and pay fees for your Business License (download pdf instructions)

  4. Quick instructions - click here then expand "Renew a Business Licence" section

Which Permits can I apply for online?

Find the permits that are currently avialble for online application including which permits to apply for and the required documents to upload? top

How do I request an inspection on my permitted work?

Requesting an inspection is easy once you have created an account using your business license email. See How do I renew my Business License? top

I need a form and/or a document. Where do I find those?

You want forms? You want documents? We've got forms and documents! Click below. If you don't find what you are needing, let us know by contacting us via email or phone. top

How do I edit the private comments after I requested an inspection?

When you request an inspection, you can enter private comments that only the Inspector can see. These comments can be gate codes, locations of keys, phone numbers and email addresses. We consider this very sensitive information and we keep it private and off of our web site. Due to this sensitivity to the private information, we don't allow for editing of these comments.

If you need to let the inspector something in addition to what you entered, please give your inspector an email or a phone call. Preferably an email. If you search for your permit, or pull it up from under your "My Items" section, you can see both the email address and phone number, assuming you're logged in. Make sure to reach out to them before 7am on the morning of your inspection. Our inspectors are very hard working and they head out early in the day!